The company "Qafqaz Electronics" works in information technology market since 2003 and successfully engaged in manufacturing computers, specializing in the implementation of complex network and telecommunication projects for small and medium businesses, enterprises, banks and government agencies.

The company is one of the leaders in the supply, sales and service of specialized video equipment on the territory of Azerbaijan. The company's mission "Qafqaz Electronics" - to discover and promote new opportunities for high-tech video equipment for the advertising business.

The company Qafqaz Electronics - a team of professionals. The skill and experience of all its members provide the company and its partners succeed. The professionalism of our staff have gained extensive experience in the computer market, a well-known partners, and representatives of other companies working in the field of high technologies. Dynamic business of IT requires ongoing professional development, continuous growth of skills. We make every effort to support the highest professional level. The company's staff improve their skills through workshops and training conducted by firms as suppliers of equipment and training companies.

Win the trust was due to the fact that every employee understands the company's primary goal: to offer prices and service that will help your partner to be one step ahead of the competition. Partners can always be sure that no request will not go unanswered, no problem - not solved.